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A new look; a new start too?

I’ve upgraded the WordPress backend to version 2.7, which you probably didn’t notice. More obviously, I’ve changed the aesthetics around here to something more… professional. I think the layout is cleaner and the font is clearer and bigger. Tell me what you think of it.

It’s evident that there is still a need for more advocacy of Bayesian methods for all sorts of quantitative analyses, let alone for Bayesianism as a lifestyle choice! I want to use this site, including the only part of it that has any substance — this blog — to further the goal of Bayesianist awareness. If you have any ideas for how I can help, e.g. by including links to tutorials explaining what Bayesian statistics is, or by setting up a forum where Bayesianists can discuss anything from philosophical issues to how to get their colleagues thinking in a Bayesian way, then share them with me.


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Hello world!

Welcome to the Bayesian Statistics blog. Assuming that it has been set up correctly and I update it as and when required (geddit?), you should be able to read, for the foreseeable future, posts on everything from important progress in the theory or application of Bayesian statistics, to shockingly sloppy examples of statistics usage in the media, academic journals and other blogs. Probably everything in between, too, and maybe, occasionally, stuff outside the credible interval.

The only thing I promise every post will contain is jokey, forced references to statistics, especially of the Bayesian flavour. It’s what you should expect, really.

I hope it’ll all be interesting, and I hope you write in and comment with your views and priors as required.

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