Google search for “bayesian” — the results

As I continue to update the site, I need to find links to put in, well, the Links section. A good starting point, I’m sure you’ll agree, is to search on Google for the term “bayesian“. The first ten results, which are supposed to represent the Internet’s ten most relevant links on the subject, contain a link to the Internet Society for Bayesian Analysis, a couple of pages about Bayesian logic… and three pages about Bayesian spam filtering. Now whilst Bayesian filtering, as some call it, is a great application of Bayesian statistics (and even a pretty obvious one to my mind), it’s certainly not the only one out there. The battle ahead is thus to change public consciousness to the extent that it becomes obvious to a much larger group of people that:

1) Bayesian statistics could’ve been used to solve the spam filtering problem from the start.

2) That Bayesian statistics is not just about spam filtering.

Once that is done, we’ve won, even if people don’t know Bayes’ Theorem or how to use WinBugs, because then anyone who believes in points 1 and 2 above will logically also believe in:

1&2) Bayesian statistics can been used to solve so many problems.

And then the golden age of Bayesian statistics will be upon us, I hope.


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